Théâtre Petit Champlain has been part of Québec City’s cultural fabric for years.

When it first opened in the mid-19th century, Théâtre Champlain was primarily a theatre venue. It wasn’t until 1988 that Ulric Breton teamed up with several partners to turn the historic site into a not-for-profit corporation.

Given the site’s cachet and geographic location, it was decided to give the unique site a major facelift and convert it into a music venue. On October 18, 1994, the first Maison de la Chanson francophone was born.

These days, Théâtre Petit Champlain offers a diverse program featuring internationally renowned performers as well as many local names. It has gone from being a theatre to a music hall, and now to a venue for a much more diverse offering, attracting spectators from near and far.


Ticket Office

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday: Noon to 5 pm
Sunday: Closed

On show nights, the ticket office is open until 8 pm.

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A native of Québec City, wood sculptor Alain Flamand has been a fixture in the Petit Champlain district for over 30 years.

One of the first artisans to set up shop there, Flamand has been passionate about woodcarving since he was a boy. For as long as he can remember, he has drawn inspiration from wood, creating magnificent works using the traditional, direct-cut woodcarving technique.

A vast selection of works

This unique boutique, where the aroma of wood wafts over you when you walk in the door, offers a vast array of high-relief works, all carved by hand. From the tiniest figurine to large pieces sculpted in stained or colored wood, there’s something for everyone looking to decorate their home, give as a gift, or keep as a souvenir of their visit to Québec City.

The artisan's unique pieces are carved directly on site.

Connecting with the artist and his art

The onsite workshop provides a unique opportunity to connect with the artist and his art. This direct relationship with visitors is a source of inspiration for the artist, over and above his passion for woodcarving. With his warm, friendly welcome, it is obvious that he derives from this close human connection the satisfaction of offering something beautiful to people from all over the world. His art travels all over the world, too, and it is not unusual for people to come and order customized works from him. Alain Flamand is also firmly committed to training the next generation, and he passes on his passion by offering in-store training courses to artisans seeking to make woodcarving their trade.

Custom orders

In addition to the vast selection of works on sale, the artist also takes custom orders for individuals and corporate customers. Whether for a personalized house sign or a bulk order of gifts to offer at a Québec-themed convention, Mr. Flamand and his team will be happy to take on your challenge.

The tradition of woodcarving lives on in the Petit Champlain district thanks to Alain Flamand’s talent and passion.

Boutique Pot en Ciel, which set up shop in the Petit Champlain district in 1985, is an institution in Québec when it comes to the art of entertaining and cooking.

It has earned a reputation for its beautiful and elegant kitchen tools, linens, utensils, and other decorative objects. The shop is divided in two—“Entertaining” and “Cooking”—with each section separated by a couple of steps.

For cooking enthusiasts

Owner Lise Charest is passionate about sourcing the most original, practical, and high-quality products for cooking enthusiasts. She is also committed to providing fair-trade offerings from all around the world, including the wonderful Bibol collection of bamboo bowls made in Vietnam by the members of four different families. The attractive, colorful, handmade bowls are available exclusively at the boutique in Québec City.

Imported directly from France

Many of the feature products you’ll see in the boutique are imported from France, including traditional, jacquard dishcloths and acrylic-coated cotton or jacquard tablecloths. Pot en ciel also boasts a wide range of decorative boxes, metal wall signs, and tableware.

International collections

Customers can choose from a wide range of world-renowned collections such as tableware and other cat pieces from the Dubout collection, Emile Henry cookware, renowned Le Creuset cast-iron pots, the complete Bodum range (not just the famous coffeemakers!), and, most recently, a selection of Nespresso coffeemakers. Other Quebec-made artisanal items round out the boutique's offerings, including unique, Sylvain Tremblay salt and pepper mills, and La Belle Excuse olive oils.

There is a wide array of other culinary items in the shop. As you’ll see, Pot en Ciel is a real feast for the eyes. Don’t miss it on your next visit to Quartier Petit Champlain!

As the skies begin to darken over Québec City, the costumed guides of Ghost Tours of Quebec strike a match and light their lanterns.

Eager ticketholders wait in anticipation, for they know they will be led on a walking tour through the streets of Old Québec to hear 400-year-old stories of murder, executions, mysterious ghost sightings, tragedies, and hauntings.

A unique experience

The cobblestone streets and ancient buildings of Old Québec set the stage for a unique experience. Ninety minutes of fascinating true stories compiled from the National Library in Ottawa.

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Looking for a unique gift idea for a special someone?

Artnika Boutique is a must for a host of great finds, including handmade products, decorative objects, accessories, handbags, leather wallets, 3D greeting cards, clothing, and much more.

Our jewelry is crafted entirely by hand with materials such as gold plating, silver, bronze, stainless steel, pearls, and precious stones. These pieces are made by renowned Québec artisans Raymonde Laberge, Spoutnik, and MJ, as well as international designers and artisans, including Ayala Bar and Michal Golan.

Dazzling, Unique, and Flamboyant

As soon as you step foot in the boutique, you are immersed in an enchanted atmosphere of magic and extravagance. Hundreds of Funko Pop figurines, multicolored Tokidoki and Loungefly bags, wind-up music boxes, a whole wall of Russian dolls (matryochkas), and a vast selection of greeting cards set in a real Ferris wheel. The colors, variety, and exclusive collectibles are an extraordinary treat for the senses!

For over 25 years, owner Monique Zimmermann has created an original boutique, offering customers a dazzling array of fun gift ideas and unique collectibles for anyone wishing to give or treat themselves to a fun and surprising gift or collector's item. Set in an enchanting decor inspired by Madame Zimmermann's zany imagination, all in yellow, green, white, and black, the boutique is an invitation to browse and to unearth the perfect gift for your loved ones.

What makes our boutique so one-of-a-kind

What makes Brin de Folie boutique so special, and why people travel miles to come here, is its unique and remarkable array of hundreds of authentic, hand-painted Russian dolls sourced directly from Russia. In fact, the boutique in Quartier Petit Champlain is home to the largest selection of matryoshkas in Canada!

Whether for matryoshkas; wind-up music boxes; Petit Prince, Tintin, Smurf, and Asterix figurines; musical snow globes; vintage marbles; Charming Tails mice; Disney Tradition figurines; a huge selection of greeting cards; or the ever-popular Funko Pop figurines (with over 400 different models!), collectors and fans of unique, whimsical objects will love this delightful and magical shop.

Iris Galerie “reveals the beauty of the iris, transforming it into a work of art.”

At Iris Galerie, you are the work of art. Iris Galerie offers a unique experience, capturing the very essence of your eye and immortalizing your iris using a special technology combining photography and high-quality printing. The process captures the uniqueness, colors, and details of your eyes. Whether it’s just you or you and your special someone, family, or friends, you’ll be amazed by the extraordinary beauty of the iris. The Iris Galerie technology captures, in a matter of seconds, all the nuances and details of your iris. In just a few minutes, we will enhance your photograph to bring out all the beauty and uniqueness of your eye. The gallery offers a wide range of formats, finishing, and effects, available in store or delivered directly to your home (larger formats). Why not drop by the gallery for a unique experience that leaves you with a lasting memento of the inner beauty of you and/or your loved ones.


The boutique features gemstone sculptures and jewelry by artist Denis Nicolas, including many made from onyx harvested from the shorelines of the Gaspé Peninsula.

From as far back as he can remember, Denis Nicolas has been passionate about stone sculpting, an art he learned from his father. In 1994, he opened a shop in Percé, on the Gaspé Peninsula, that soon made a name for itself. Today, he is delighted to have a shop in the Petit Champlain district, where every boutique is unique, attracting a clientele of tourists from all over the world.

Whether for Québec wildlife and marine mammal–inspired sculptures crafted from gemstones like onyx, or handcrafted polished-stone jewelry made with silver and 14-karat gold strands, or a huge selection of stones and minerals, lovers of refined art and jewelry will be delighted by the treasures on display. Visitors are also invited to discover the new concept of this specialty boutique located next door to Le Lapin Sauté, where stone is front and center.

During his career, some of the works by sculptor Denis Nicolas have been presented as awards to various Québec stars and artists, including Bruno Pelletier, Isabelle Boulay, Lise Dion, Patrick Normand, and Marie-Andrée Ostiguy, to name a few. The sculptures were selected for their uniqueness and remarkable quality by organizations such as Réseau des organisateurs de spectacles de l’Est du Québec (ROSEQ). Most recently, Club des ornithologues de la Gaspésie chose one of his works to present as a trophy.

For a taste of the Gaspé Peninsula, come discover the beautiful sculptures by Denis Nicolas at Boutik Art in Quartier Petit Champlain!



The minute you step in the door of this art gallery, you’ll fall under the charm of the quality and range of works by these professional artists.

Even though some of them live outside the Québec City area, the professional painters at Chez l’Artiste take turns staffing the gallery, offering outstanding service during your visit.

The gallery’s artists include Lisette B. Cantin, Nancy Asselin, Dorothée Couture, Marie-Reine Leroux, Mélyna Leclerc, Claire Savard, Diane Couture, Sonia Lê Van, Rénald Gauthier, and Christian Roy.

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Our gallery is a warm and welcoming space open to all, where visitors enjoy the opportunity to talk to the artist on hand that day. We invite you to come make the acquaintance of these remarkable artists whose offerings include original works and prints.