Inspired by travel

Riversea opened its doors in the Quartier Petit Champlain in December 2023, its owner Kelly is inspired by these trips to offer jewelry to make those who wear them shine! They are inspired by natural elements such as ocean waves, exotic floral patterns and traditional Hawaiian symbols. Riversea jewelry is made from 925 silver, an alloy of pure silver and other metals, giving it exceptional durability and luster.

In addition to jewelry, Riversea also offers a range of clothing and accessories that reflect the spirit of travel and adventure. The clothes are designed with high quality fabrics and unique designs. Accessories, on the other hand, perfectly complement Riversea's style, with bags, glasses, hair clips and other items.

Riversea also strives to promote ethical practices by working with responsible suppliers and supporting local businesses trying to make their mark in their market. You will therefore find products from different Quebec companies.

Zazou boutique offers a selection of Canadian fashion collections and other exclusive lines boasting classic and elegant styling.

For over 20 years, owner Lise Lessard, has taken her cue from her customers to source original designer creations. The highlight of the boutique in November is undoubtedly the coat collection! Available in different price ranges and styles, coats are front and center, with a range of styles for every budget.

Customers will love the Laparka, a woolen, four-season coat that’s like a whole wardrobe in one! The Lutha collection boasts a classic, tailored coat with a belt that’s ultra flattering for smaller women. The boutique also has comfortable, elegantly cut down coats.

In the ready-to-wear category, the Simply label is ideal for mix-and-matching and layering. The collection features pants, tunics, and dresses in lightweight, easy-care, wrinkle-free fabrics that are perfect for traveling.

There’s something for men at Zazou, too, with handcrafted, Canadian-made sweaters. They’re soft and durable, and perfect for keeping the cold and wind at bay. Men can complete their look with numerous accessories, including tuques and scarves, or a classic aviator-style hat.

Looking for great gift ideas? Whimsical tuques and mitts with a raccoon, moose, or bear theme are not only fun, they’re warm, too! Customers will also find a selection of colorful and cozy wool mittens.

Since 1956, Martino has been combining expertise, talent, and tradition to craft its unique footwear.

Made by hand in Québec City, every pair of shoes, boots, and moccasins is a testament to the brand’s authenticity, superior quality, and know-how. At Martino, we love all four seasons, and we’re proud to design products suited to our complex climate so you can enjoy life to the max, all year round!


Discover the comfort of a lightweight shoe in soft, natural leather. Martino takes a modern take on the traditional moccasin with contemporary styling; comfortable, cushioned soles; and original colors. Voted “Official Shoe of the Summer” by our loyal customers, our moccasins are the perfect gift and souvenir of Québec City. Try them—you won’t regret it!


Designed using next-gen technologies, our boots are warm, waterproof, and ideal for our Canadian climate. The innovative boot soles and components ensure comfort, performance, and superior quality. Made to last, they’ll keep your feet warm and dry for years—a smart purchase!


The Martino boutique, located in the picturesque Petit Champlain district in Québec City, has been welcoming customers for nearly five years. Discover the brand’s largest selection of leather shoes and bags in Canada. You can also shop online at

All the Martino products are meticulously made by hand in Québec by artisans. A single pair of shoes relies on the talent and dedication of about fifty people, helping create jobs and develop local expertise. We are extremely proud of this, and you can be, too! By encouraging a Québec business, you are supporting the local economy and jobs. Thank you!

Quartier Petit Champlain now boasts its very own boutique devoted to the very youngest of customers.

The new shop offers a vast selection of products designed especially for kids, but that are sure to delight parents, too. To create a gentle, warm environment that meets the needs and desires of young families, the boutique's owner, Cynthia Desrosiers, has lovingly selected a range of delightful items for little ones. You’ll find numerous hand-selected Québec products to decorate, entertain, stimulate, and dress your children.

Delightfully soft cushions and blankets, bath toys and products for infants, whimsical stuffed toys, books, and adorable clothes are just some of the offerings at this wonderfully decorated and charming boutique. The brands available at Les ptits mosüs include Des Enfantillages, Raplapla, La fabrique de la Fée Raille, L’atelier boutique Cokluch Mini, Tiny Cottons, Nui Organics, Petit Pehr, Lolo et Moi, Skull Baby, Alice et Simone, Headsterkids, and Otherware.

On the lookout for high quality fashions with a nautical theme? Look no further and drop your anchor at Le Capitaine d’a Bord!

The family-owned business, which has close ties to the marine world, was founded at about the same time as the Transat Québec/St-Malo sailing race. The boutique boasts several Italian, German, and British collections, including Armor Lux, Meyer, and Paul & Shark.

With an impressive selection for the whole family, Le Capitaine d’a Bord is North America’s biggest retailer of these three prestigious collections. At the boutique, style and quality are front and center. The rigorous manufacturing processes and quality marine-inspired materials used to design the clothing make them key wardrobe pieces that will pass the test of time.

Where fashion and authenticity meet!

Blanc Mouton is a favorite with women. For over 40 years, founders Nicole Vincent and Pierre Dugré have shared the same passion, namely, to present their customers with original collections at affordable prices. They've passed this passion on to their daughter Marie-Pier, who also scours craft shows in search of unique styles and exclusive products.

What makes the boutique so special is that its owners craft their own collection of clothing, available exclusively at Blanc Mouton! Entirely handmade and primarily from natural fibers, the exclusive collection features several key pieces that are customer favorites for their variety of colors and timeless appeal.

In addition to their in-house collection, the owners also offer several lines by Québec designers and artisans, including the Rien ne se perd, tout se crée collection.

European inspirations and Québec creations, quality fabrics, affordable prices… you’ll find it all! The fashion consultants who work there love helping out shoppers and have a keen eye for finding the perfect outfit to suit your body type.

Head for Blanc Mouton today!

Founded in 1956, the jewelry shop created and managed by Jules Perrier has continued to attract an international clientele thanks to the quality and personalized style of its jewelry.

Some of the features that make Jules Perrier’s jewelry so striking are the contrasting tones of white gold on yellow gold for some jewels, the white gold finish without rhodium plating, and the remarkable diamond setting for others.

As both a manufacturer and retailer, Jules Perrier also offers customers the very highest quality Tahitian black pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones, all at very competitive prices. Virtually all of the jewelry crafted by Jules Perrier is made from recycled, refined gold, as the company buys gold, silver, and large diamonds at its four jewelry stores.

Located in the Petit Champlain district, Ibiza boasts a wide array of men’s and women’s hats, fashions, and accessories, including leather goods, bags, belts, gloves, slippers, sunglasses, and leather and fur hats, as well as the ever-popular Laguiole line of knives.


Fuck la mode

Did you know Oclan is the only place you can get the legendary fashions and accessories sporting the logo “Fuck la mode”? Since Jean-François first created the collection, he has sold over 35,000 t-shirts worldwide! Got yours yet?

Fuck la mode Café

In need of an energizing break? In addition to fashions, why not stop by Oclan for a latte, an espresso, or your brew of choice at the café, where Jean-François seeks to create a community around the FLM brand.

Faux Mouvement is a boutique and café for runners.

Whether it’s the start or end point for your run, or simply a gathering place, you’ll find like-minded members of the running community who love to exercise in style, regardless of their fitness level. Our exclusive collections of running wear are handpicked with care so that runners looking to sport their colors can recognize their fellow running enthusiasts on the road or on the trails. While they may not all post the same times, their passion for running unites and identifies them as one of the Faux Mouvement team!

Organized runs:
Tuesday 6pm
Thursday 6 pm
Sunday 9 am