Boutique Pot en Ciel, which set up shop in the Petit Champlain district in 1985, is an institution in Québec when it comes to the art of entertaining and cooking.

It has earned a reputation for its beautiful and elegant kitchen tools, linens, utensils, and other decorative objects. The shop is divided in two—“Entertaining” and “Cooking”—with each section separated by a couple of steps.

For cooking enthusiasts

Owner Lise Charest is passionate about sourcing the most original, practical, and high-quality products for cooking enthusiasts. She is also committed to providing fair-trade offerings from all around the world, including the wonderful Bibol collection of bamboo bowls made in Vietnam by the members of four different families. The attractive, colorful, handmade bowls are available exclusively at the boutique in Québec City.

Imported directly from France

Many of the feature products you’ll see in the boutique are imported from France, including traditional, jacquard dishcloths and acrylic-coated cotton or jacquard tablecloths. Pot en ciel also boasts a wide range of decorative boxes, metal wall signs, and tableware.

International collections

Customers can choose from a wide range of world-renowned collections such as tableware and other cat pieces from the Dubout collection, Emile Henry cookware, renowned Le Creuset cast-iron pots, the complete Bodum range (not just the famous coffeemakers!), and, most recently, a selection of Nespresso coffeemakers. Other Quebec-made artisanal items round out the boutique's offerings, including unique, Sylvain Tremblay salt and pepper mills, and La Belle Excuse olive oils.

There is a wide array of other culinary items in the shop. As you’ll see, Pot en Ciel is a real feast for the eyes. Don’t miss it on your next visit to Quartier Petit Champlain!

Since 1956, Martino has been combining expertise, talent, and tradition to craft its unique footwear.

Made by hand in Québec City, every pair of shoes, boots, and moccasins is a testament to the brand’s authenticity, superior quality, and know-how. At Martino, we love all four seasons, and we’re proud to design products suited to our complex climate so you can enjoy life to the max, all year round!


Discover the comfort of a lightweight shoe in soft, natural leather. Martino takes a modern take on the traditional moccasin with contemporary styling; comfortable, cushioned soles; and original colors. Voted “Official Shoe of the Summer” by our loyal customers, our moccasins are the perfect gift and souvenir of Québec City. Try them—you won’t regret it!


Designed using next-gen technologies, our boots are warm, waterproof, and ideal for our Canadian climate. The innovative boot soles and components ensure comfort, performance, and superior quality. Made to last, they’ll keep your feet warm and dry for years—a smart purchase!


The Martino boutique, located in the picturesque Petit Champlain district in Québec City, has been welcoming customers for nearly five years. Discover the brand’s largest selection of leather shoes and bags in Canada. You can also shop online at

All the Martino products are meticulously made by hand in Québec by artisans. A single pair of shoes relies on the talent and dedication of about fifty people, helping create jobs and develop local expertise. We are extremely proud of this, and you can be, too! By encouraging a Québec business, you are supporting the local economy and jobs. Thank you!

Where fashion and authenticity meet!

Blanc Mouton is a favorite with women. For over 40 years, founders Nicole Vincent and Pierre Dugré have shared the same passion, namely, to present their customers with original collections at affordable prices. They've passed this passion on to their daughter Marie-Pier, who also scours craft shows in search of unique styles and exclusive products.

What makes the boutique so special is that its owners craft their own collection of clothing, available exclusively at Blanc Mouton! Entirely handmade and primarily from natural fibers, the exclusive collection features several key pieces that are customer favorites for their variety of colors and timeless appeal.

In addition to their in-house collection, the owners also offer several lines by Québec designers and artisans, including the Rien ne se perd, tout se crée collection.

European inspirations and Québec creations, quality fabrics, affordable prices… you’ll find it all! The fashion consultants who work there love helping out shoppers and have a keen eye for finding the perfect outfit to suit your body type.

Head for Blanc Mouton today!

La Nougaterie is a unique confectionery shop offering a wide array of homemade treats.


La Nougaterie offers its delicious nougat as well as a vast range of artisanal sweets. You'll find meringue, marshmallow, honey moons, spreads and jams, bouchons de l'île, butters (apple, blueberry, etc.), and nougats in every shape and form. All the products are made by hand in Saint-Pierre-de-l’Île-d’Orléans.


Owners Patrick Augier and Caroline Marelli, who both hail from Europe, form a great team both at work and in life. They are truly passionate about confectionery, and have been involved in the cooking and pastry business for over 35 years.

They have lived in the province of Québec since 2006, and opened their first boutique, Ô Petites Douceurs du Quartier, two years later. It featured local products, made-in-Québec creations, and, as the name suggests, "little sweets.” They subsequently decided to develop their own recipes, and the store was renamed La Nougaterie Québec and relocated to Île d'Orléans to further develop production. Since then, the owners have been lovingly concocting their sweet treats with the help of Cécile, their master confectioner and chocolatier.


A soft and creamy confection dating back to the days of Antiquity, nougat is made from egg whites, honey, and almonds. Back then, it was made in the Orient with almonds, honey, and spices. Nougat was also known to the Greeks, who made it with walnuts.

Various varieties, hard and soft alike, have appeared over the years. Real nougat, i.e., nougat as we know it today, appeared in the mid-18th century. Egg whites, melted together with honey and sugar, were added to lighten the dough.

This storied product can be sampled today at La Nougaterie in the Petit Champlain district.

What could be more delightful than a gourmet stopover at the legendary Fudgerie boutique on your next visit to the Petit Champlain district!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re in for a real treat. The display counters are teeming with chocolates, nougats, and, of course, fudge—the company’s signature product!

Over the years, owners Jacques Thivierge and Michelle Martin have developed over 80 flavors of utterly decadent fudge!
Other delights on the menu include crème brûlée, caramel fleur de sel (everyone’s favorite!), and the unusual jalapeno pepper fudge, which pairs nicely with a glass of red wine. We kid you not! Other wine and fudge pairings are also suggested on site.

Fromagerie Ferme Audet specializes in the production and processing of goat’s milk.

About us

Fromagerie Ferme Audet offers a variety of artisanal products made from goat's milk from its own herd. These include delicious cheeses, soaps, and natural bodycare products made from 100% goat's milk, as well as our famous goat's milk ice cream, a one-of-a-kind product in Québec that never fails to amaze customers who try it. All of the cheesemaker’s products are made by the owners on their farm in Saint-François-de-L'Île-d'Orléans. Drop by for a free sample at the new boutique in Quartier Petit Champlain.

Our story

In 2016, Martin Audet and Annabelle Bourget launched their dairy production and processing company. Audet and Bourget are both biologists by training, and are passionate about processing goat's milk in all its shapes and forms. In 2017, they began developing high-quality natural soaps and bodycare products. Then, in 2018, they sought to develop several cheeses in association with different cheesemakers. That same year saw the inauguration of the cheese, soap, and bodycare boutique on Île d'Orléans. The following year they began construction on the cheese factory at the farm. Construction wrapped up in April 2021, and in winter 2021, they came up with the idea of a goat's milk ice cream. After multiple tests, they landed on the perfect ice cream recipe—real goat's milk with real vanilla and real Belgian chocolate. It was a first in Québec! The ice cream was introduced in the boutique in May 2021, and since then there have been nothing but satisfied customers! In the wake of the growing success of their farm products, Martin and Annabelle decided to open a new boutique featuring all their products in one place, this time in Quartier Petit Champlain in Québec City.

Founded in 1956, the jewelry shop created and managed by Jules Perrier has continued to attract an international clientele thanks to the quality and personalized style of its jewelry.

Some of the features that make Jules Perrier’s jewelry so striking are the contrasting tones of white gold on yellow gold for some jewels, the white gold finish without rhodium plating, and the remarkable diamond setting for others.

As both a manufacturer and retailer, Jules Perrier also offers customers the very highest quality Tahitian black pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones, all at very competitive prices. Virtually all of the jewelry crafted by Jules Perrier is made from recycled, refined gold, as the company buys gold, silver, and large diamonds at its four jewelry stores.