La Malle aux Souvenirs, newly established in the Quartier du Petit Champlain is a true treasure trove for young and old, amateurs and collectors, gourmets and fashionistas.

The owners, Beatrice and Denis, were inspired by former general stores and offer each and every one a variety of “perfect” gifts in all price ranges.

Whether you’re “sweet” or “salty”, you will enjoy or will spoil those who are dear to you with fine gourmet products selected by the Malle aux Souvenirs from Délices de l’Ile D’Orléans, La Ferme Martinette, and Canardises. You will not only discover a selection of teas, cookies and nougat 100% Canadian, but also some original confectionery imported directly from France and Europe.

Madam or Mademoiselle, you will be just as much delighted by the crafts of Rêves de Grenier, whether it is for unique rag dolls, plush toys, scented pouches, bags, decorative plates and cushions, or even for seasonal creations.

And if you want a very unique jewel, you will not be disappointed… At the Malle aux Souvenirs, Beatrice offers her clients a selection of trendy and exclusive jewelry in terms of fashion around the world.

But what is special about the boutique and why you, Canadians and tourists, will be ready to cover some miles, is the unique variety of model ships and marine decoration items.

Passionate about sea, Denis has chosen to share his love with everyone.

Thus, young and old, amateurs and collectors, you will sure fall in love with the second part of the boutique!

From child boats to the model of Madagascar for avid collectors through the “perfect” object for amateurs, all styles, all sizes, all prices.

A wide range of decorative items (paintings, sculptures, vintage cars, watches, compasses, ashtrays, air-balloons, clocks, alarm clocks, hourglasses, etc.) and quality games (for young and old) will also be suggested.

And finally, you will stare at the exclusive furniture of English navy inspiration from the late 19th century selected with great care by Denis (lamps, coffee tables, shelves).

So, for the “perfect” gift… It’s La Malle aux Souvenirs !

See you soon !