Here you can find the best collections each season, for men and women, for more than 20 years.

The Petit Champlain boutique is high on the list of refined Quebec addresses, weather you spend a day or a week.

Its philosophy is to gather all fashion victims. To all, Oclan says that since you need to dress, you better dress up.

Jean-François Renaud, Oclan’s founder and stylist, has flair. Since its opening in 1985, this visionary has always found the best trends and fashion. He’s not only the creator and buyer behind the Oclan experience, we also owe it to him to dress up the Quebec star system. Jean-François does not follow the trends, he creates them.

Did you know that Oclan is the only place to find the famous clothes with the famous phrase “Fuck la mode”? Since Jean-François created them, he has sold more than 35,000 t-shirts around the world! Do you have yours?