Le Blanc Mouton Celebrates its 40th Anniversary
9 July 2024
In 2024, Le Blanc Mouton celebrates a significant milestone: 40 years of existence!

For the past 33 years, the store has proudly stood at 51 Rue Sous-le-Fort, in the heart of Petit Champlain.

Founded by Pierre Dugré and Nicole Vincent, the business is now led by their daughter, Marie-Pier. Like other iconic businesses such as Le Capitaine d’a Bord, also marking its 40th anniversary this year, Le Blanc Mouton represents the enduring tradition of family stories in the neighborhood.

Marie-Pier, owner.

An Exclusive Collection

Initially known for its mohair wool creations, Le Blanc Mouton has evolved into a designer-retailer over time, while maintaining its commitment to authenticity, quality, and originality.

Recently, the boutique launched its first in-house collection, envisioned by Dominique Brown. Entirely handmade and preferably crafted from natural fibers, the exclusive collection features several standout pieces beloved for their varied colors and timeless appeal.

In-house Collection

Le Blanc Mouton also showcases the creations of its artisan partners such as Madelaine Gaucher, JJ’s, Rien ne se Perd, Tout se Crée, and Percé-verre.

A Genuine Attention to Detail

Every visit to Le Blanc Mouton promises a unique customer experience, marked by personalized and warm hospitality. The team even offers alteration services for their in-house brand garments.

Le Blanc Mouton's ambition is to continue shining by offering exceptional products and impeccable service.

The Petit Champlain Cooperative is proud to count Le Blanc Mouton among its founding members.


51 Rue Sous-le-Fort

Open every day from 10 AM to 8 PM.