6 June 2024
A Long-Awaited Comeback: The Umbrellas Are Back at Petit Champlain!

You've probably seen the buzz on social media: those eye-catching umbrellas are making a grand return.

The setup for this summer is all done and dusted. Petit Champlain is rolling out the red carpet for its sixth magical year.

A Must-See Spot

Picture this: a bunch of colorful umbrellas hanging above Cul-de-Sac street, creating this dreamy floating ceiling effect. It's like a cozy blanket draped between two buildings, adding a cool artsy vibe to the cityscape.

This time around, the umbrellas are rocking the vibrant hues of Destination Quebec City. They blend in perfectly with the old houses' facades and shutters, giving you this one-of-a-kind visual treat. And when the sun peeks through those colorful canvases, it paints the ground with a magical shadow, setting the perfect vibe for some Insta-worthy snaps.

What You Need to Know

Cul-de-Sac street is pedestrian-friendly, so folks of all ages and abilities can easily stroll through. The umbrellas will be hanging around until the end of October.

But hey, why stop there? Extend your trip and soak up the neighborhood's charm. There's loads of awesome local eats and shops waiting to be explored. So, think of the umbrella alley as just the tip of the iceberg for your Petit Champlain adventure!