10 suggestions for Valentine's Day
30 January 2019


With its illuminated pedestrian streets, the fireplaces in the parks, the ancestral tenements, the Quartier Petit Champlain is the most romantic rendezvous of the city.

In addition, the 45 businesses of the cooperative are full of quality products and Quebec confections, they actively participate in the reputation of this beautiful neighborhood.


Here are 10 suggestions signed Quartier Petit Champlain:


1- Share a dinner for two in a restaurant. 

Whether it's near of the fireplace in the Lapin Sauté and the Bistro Sous le Fort, facing the St. Lawrence River at the Sapristi and the Cochon Dingue, or in an ultra-warm atmosphere at Q de Sac Resto-Pub and Bistro Le Pape George, your dinner will certainly be romantic in our restaurants and bistros.

Each restaurant is unique and offers a variety of menus. Tasting boards at Lapin Sauté, Swiss cheese fondue at Bistro Le Pape George, Nachos cooked over a wood fire at Q de Sac Resto-Pub, Sapristi pizzas tasting ... The choice of dishes to share are numerous!


2- Offer a jewel made in Quebec.

Planing the big demand or wish to offer a timeless jewel? Our jewelers have crafted rings, bracelets, pendants that can appeal to all styles. From the original ring set with a meteorite to the classic pendant set with pearls, Le Forgeron d'Or and Jules Perrier Joaillier have very beautiful creations to offer. They also have an interesting variety of watches for her and him.

L'Atelier La Pomme offers the popular Anne-Marie Chagnon collection, handmade jewelry in Montreal.

A Quebec jewel is a guarantee of quality and is not more expensive than a jewel of the same type manufactured abroad. In addition, the originality of the Quebec's creations is remarkable.


3- Offer chocolate ... or fudge!

The Fudgerie full of ideas for Valentine assorted fudge coated with chocolate, roses or hearts shaped fudges. Their creations are just as delicious as beautiful.

Madame Gigi is also an address to note to get hand made chocolate and they are all beautiful!


4- A walk followed by a gourmet stop.

In addition to delicious chocolates, Madame Gigi makes various delicacies, pastries and sweets. You will also enjoy its legendary hot chocolate.

Or opt for a classic Beaver Tail (Queue de Castor) or you can create a bag of treats at the Tabagie Casse-Cou!



5- Discover the ice sculptures and the warm parks.

After a delicious meal, go for a health walk in the district to discover our ice sculptures and our warm parks.

40 sculptures and two parks with outdoor fireplaces await you in the Petit Champlain, with the streets illuminated, the decor can't be more romantic!






6- Attend a show (or offer one for later).

Oh, the legendary Théâtre Petit Champlain! He has hosted so many artists, many of whom have participated to local history. We are proud of this unic place. A romantic show is always a nice option. Valérie Carpentier will be performing the day after Valentine's Day, or offer a show for later. A second date, why not!


7- Create a Petit-Champlain gift basket. 

Are you creative and wish to offer a personalized gift? Create your own "gift basket"! Get a beautiful basket and fill it with favorite finds from the neighborhood shops.

Apple cider from Cidrerie Verger Pedneault, beauty products, jewelery, Charlevoix Pure Wool socks, candy cone, chocolates, your significan other will be happy to discover every little gift. You can opt for Quebec products if you wish and encourage local purchase.


8- Offer a Quartier Petit Champlain gift card.

For the undecided who prefer to offer the choice of gift, the Quartier Petit Champlain card offers the opportunity to spend in the 45 shops, restaurants of the cooperative in addition to the Theater (on site).

It's a beautiful idea that gives so many possibilities. You can buy it on-line or on-site at the Casse-Cou Tabagie (59, rue Sous-le-Fort)!


9- Offer body care products.

Our shops offer great care product options for her and him. The new shop, the Emu Center of Charlevoix offers products made from emu oil. L'Occitane en Provence is renowned worldwide for its fragrances and Rituels offers products for the modern man. You choose!


10- Improvise! Enjoy the moment.

Another nice option is offered to you; deciding to come to the Petit Champlain without planning a specific activity. Walk in the streets, shopping, gourmet stop, there are so many possibilities. Be spontaneous!

And above all, enjoy the moment with your loved one, which is the most important. 😉