Well done in Quebec

Welcome to the bold universe of Créature Atelier, where their mantra "Well done here" is more than just a motto, it is a commitment to local excellence.  Créature Atelier's mission is to offer a responsible and conscious alternative for quality clothing and promotional items, locally made.

The Brand Collection

Explore their range of ready-to-wear and accessories, where timeless design meets artistic expression. Each piece is crafted to strike the perfect balance between comfort and refinement.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing from the Créature Atelier collection
Various accessories: beanies, socks, tote bags, etc.
Promotional items


Créature Atelier takes pride in collaborating with designers, emerging artists, and local artisans who share their commitment to creating sustainable and distinctive products. Discover their unique partnerships with renowned Quebec brands such as La Vie Apothicaire, Atelier Tréma, Atelier Hotel Motel, Groom Industries, and Moodgie.


The boutique also offers a selection of home items, carefully curated to complement your lifestyle. Unique design tableware, handmade scented candles, original jewelry, decorations, and more await you.

Health and Well-being

Take care of yourself with their range of premium body care products. Soaps, masks, men's grooming products, and more.

Stay tuned for their latest collaborations and discoveries, as at Créature Atelier, they continue to innovate and inspire with passion and dedication.

How to
Get There
61 ½ Rue du Petit-Champlain
(581) 995-8472
Business hours
For information. Check opening hours before you go.