Émeu Charlevoix in the Petit Champlain!
6 December 2018

Medias and public are invited on Thursday, December 13th for the official opening cocktail in a 5 @ 7 Formula : animations, tastings and surprises at the rendez-vous!

An Emeu Charlevoix store is now established in the Petit Champlain district. Located at 46, rue du Petit-Champlain, this branch offers a wide range of oil-based products, which is renowned for its exceptional properties.

Unique, high-performance and Quebec gifts!

Several years have been invested to be fully informed about breeding in a healthy,  respectful environment and to develop a process of manufacturing a 100% pure Emu oil. Today, with a range of 20 high-quality natural body care products, it's with pride that Ms. Raymonde Tremblay, President and Founder of the Charlevoix Emu Center, unveils her brand new Emeu Charlevoix boutique located in the heart of Québec: Petit Champlain district.

The Emu center of Charlevoix develops its own products made from emu oil,  with
exceptional virtues suitable for various clienteles, including face, body and hair care products. The company has also developed a range of emu meat products, Austravoix, rillettes, liver pies, cassoulets, spaghetti sauces and more!

In business since 1997, the Emu Charlevoix Center is a family business born in the
charming village of Saint-Urbain, at the foot of the Parc des Grands-Jardins. It is on the ancestral lands of the family that the enterprise raises mysterious animals; the emus! Today, the company owns the largest farm in Canada with more than 400 emus. It markets pure Emeu Charlevoix oil  and a range of skincare products in Quebec, as well as in several European countries. The company also has its own boutiques, located at the Old Port of Quebec Market, in the historic district of Vieux-Bourg in Beauport, in the breeding farm of Saint-Urbain in Charlevoix, and now in the Petit Champlain District.


46, rue du Petit-Champlain, Québec, G1K 4H4
418 692-0443


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