26 March 2024

1. Find sweet treasures and unique gifts

Whether you are looking for sweet delights or gifts to please your loved ones, you will certainly find at the merchants of Petit Champlain.

Les ptits mosüs : Looking for gift ideas to offer for the hunt for cocos or for beautiful family activities, explore the shop the ptits mosus. We fall for wooden babouchka eggs and the game Cluck! Cluck! The Fox.

Madame Gigi : Discover a wide selection of hand-painted, on-site chocolates. They are delicious and beautiful.

La Nougaterie : For their legendary nougat or to find different sweets made by hand, go to the Nougaterie.

La Fudgerie : Easter gourmet box, fudge pop and chocolate figurines are just a few of the delicious products you can find at the Fudgerie.


2. Having a Family Brunch

Nothing like a delicious family brunch to celebrate Easter. Le Cochon Dingue and le Lapin Sauté await you with delectable dishes that will satisfy all appetites.


3. Walking and shopping

Enjoy the mild spring air as you stroll through the Petit Champlain and explore the many welcoming shops. You will discover carefully selected products.


4. Enjoy our activities

La Petite Cabane à Sucre de Québec and the ptits mosüs prepare surprises for you.

Snow taffy and cocos hunt are on the agenda. Full details here.


Joyeuses Pâques!