Martino : Creative Spirit for Sustainable Fashion
1 May 2024

Martino, a renowned brand for its 100% Quebec-made shoes and boots, recently launched an innovative initiative to fight against textile waste.

Next to the counter of their store, an abundance of bags and pouches, virtually all unique, catches the attention of customers.

At first glance, they are practical, elegant accessories, very much in vogue since the trend of the famous tote bags.

However, far beyond their aesthetics and utility, these handbags embody a true desire to do things differently...

"It's really giving them a second life."

Made from surplus textiles and leather from previous collections, these bags are a clever response to the problem of waste.

Richère Trudeau, manager of the store located at 35½, rue du Petit Champlain, explains how surplus production can reincarnate into beautiful trendy accessories.

By transforming materials destined to be discarded into quality products, Martino is committed to an eco-responsible initiative.

For every taste at Martino Petit Champlain

These bags are exclusively offered in-store, which reinforces their unique and local character. Several models are available, priced between $19.99 and $39.99.

For over 65 years, Martino has combined expertise, talent, and traditions in the making of its products. Handcrafted, each pair of moccasins, shoes, boots, and each bag symbolizes authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship.

Since 2017, the Martino factory located in Saint-Émile has been equipped with a Teseo machine . It optimizes production and reduce raw material waste.

Creating rather than discarding, what a great idea!