Bistro le Pape Georges

Philippe Tremblay, Owner

The district’s one-of-a-kind wine bar

Bistro Pape-Georges has the distinction of being the first wine bar in the province of Québec to serve wine by the glass. Located since 1984 in a heritage house built in 1668 that housed an arquebusier (gunsmith) during colonial times, the establishment stands out in the Petit Champlain district for its authentic decor and festive atmosphere, and is known not only for its exclusive variety of wines and beers, but also its cheese and charcuterie tastings.

Along with its unique address—8¼ rue du Cul-de-Sac—Bistro Pape-Georges boasts an incomparable and exceptional menu of wines and beers to satisfy discerning connoisseurs and neophytes alike. For those looking to spend a wonderful evening and enjoy a festive musical experience, note that Thursdays to Saturdays, Bistro Pape-Georges presents acoustic blues shows featuring local—and, occasionally, internationally renowned—groups.

A wine cellar featuring 90% private imports

What sets the Bistro apart is above all its wine cellar consisting of 90% private imports, at very competitive prices. Depending on your preference, wine is served by the glass or bottle at exactly the right temperature thanks to the cellars occupying pride of place in the middle of the bistro. Craft beers and themed shooters such as “Beaver’s Tail” add to the wide selection of drinks available!

What could be better than a delicious glass of wine or a thirst-quenching craft beer accompanied by a plate of made-in-Québec cheeses, fresh charcuterie, breads, and confits concocted directly in the kitchen on the second floor! For a late-night snack, a European-style hot dog is sure to hit the spot after celebrating with friends!

A warm and cozy setting

Bistro Pape-Georges can accommodate up to 40 people in its warm and cozy pub. In summer, as soon as the weather warms up, 35 more places are added on the heated terrace. According to Sélection magazine, Bistro Pape-Georges is the perfect place for a great evening with friends, and one of Québec City’s “Ten Best-Kept Secrets.”




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