Dazzling, Unique, and Flamboyant

As soon as you step foot in the boutique, you are immersed in an enchanted atmosphere of magic and extravagance. Hundreds of Funko Pop figurines, multicolored Tokidoki and Loungefly bags, wind-up music boxes, a whole wall of Russian dolls (matryochkas), and a vast selection of greeting cards set in a real Ferris wheel. The colors, variety, and exclusive collectibles are an extraordinary treat for the senses!

For over 25 years, owner Monique Zimmermann has created an original boutique, offering customers a dazzling array of fun gift ideas and unique collectibles for anyone wishing to give or treat themselves to a fun and surprising gift or collector's item. Set in an enchanting decor inspired by Madame Zimmermann's zany imagination, all in yellow, green, white, and black, the boutique is an invitation to browse and to unearth the perfect gift for your loved ones.

What makes our boutique so one-of-a-kind

What makes Brin de Folie boutique so special, and why people travel miles to come here, is its unique and remarkable array of hundreds of authentic, hand-painted Russian dolls sourced directly from Russia. In fact, the boutique in Quartier Petit Champlain is home to the largest selection of matryoshkas in Canada!

Whether for matryoshkas; wind-up music boxes; Petit Prince, Tintin, Smurf, and Asterix figurines; musical snow globes; vintage marbles; Charming Tails mice; Disney Tradition figurines; a huge selection of greeting cards; or the ever-popular Funko Pop figurines (with over 400 different models!), collectors and fans of unique, whimsical objects will love this delightful and magical shop.

How to
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38, boul. Champlain, Québec, QC, G1K 4H7
Business hours
10 h à 17 h
10 h à 17 h
10 h à 17 h
10 h à 17 h
10 h à 17 h
10 h à 17 h
10 h à 17 h
For information. Check opening hours before you go.