Iris Galerie “reveals the beauty of the iris, transforming it into a work of art.”

At Iris Galerie, you are the work of art. Iris Galerie offers a unique experience, capturing the very essence of your eye and immortalizing your iris using a special technology combining photography and high-quality printing. The process captures the uniqueness, colors, and details of your eyes. Whether it’s just you or you and your special someone, family, or friends, you’ll be amazed by the extraordinary beauty of the iris. The Iris Galerie technology captures, in a matter of seconds, all the nuances and details of your iris. In just a few minutes, we will enhance your photograph to bring out all the beauty and uniqueness of your eye. The gallery offers a wide range of formats, finishing, and effects, available in store or delivered directly to your home (larger formats). Why not drop by the gallery for a unique experience that leaves you with a lasting memento of the inner beauty of you and/or your loved ones.

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