The largest selection of moccasins in Canada, 22 colors! Boutique Amimoc honors the tradition of moccasins making in Québec City.


1956 – In a small town, near Quebec City and the Huron Native Indian Reserve, Misters Auclair & Martineau started to make their own handmade moccasins in a basement. They crafted their first moccasins the same way their ancestors made them for centuries.

In 1993, Auclair & Martineau Inc. launched the AMIMOC brand: a specific collection of moccasins and mukluks made and designed the original way and crafted by masters!

Over the years, two brands were added to the family:

MARTINO, the waterproof boots made for going out and having fun

and with MAËL, the team dare to create a distinctive boot. All made in Canada.

Today, sixty years after its creation…

One hundred thirty passionate employees, hundreds of traditional and contemporary styles and…millions of pairs of moccasins made for the greatest pleasure of World Wide customers and their feet.